Project Engineering Intern at Ontario Power Generation

During my time at Ontario Power Generation I was involved in projects related to the modification of the stator cooling water system to prevent copper stator bar temperatures from rising. The modification involved two major projects: (a) Deoxygenation of the make up water tank modification and (b) conversion of the chemical regime of the stator from neutral pH to alkaline pH regime. I was heavily involved with installation and commissioning of these modification.

In my role as a Project Engineering Intern, I worked on the following:

  • Developed monthly forecasts which projected monthly cash flow within a 5% deviation of actual cost using pivot tables in MS Excel and provided weekly schedule updates to senior management using MS Projects and MS Visio
  • Coordinated and managed project and EPC contractors’ performance and progress to ensure achievements of milestones and cost/schedule commitments
  • Stewarded management of change in contracts and purchase orders throughout project execution
  • Prepared Project Management Plan for a $13 million capital project and collaborated on development of business case summary for funding gate process which included budget, scope, schedule estimates and risk assessments
  • Organized and lead meetings to coordinate requirements of cross-functional team that included design engineers, human factors engineers, nuclear operators, chemistry technicians and external contractors to
  • Planned, prepared commissioning work plans based on design documents, site walkdowns etc. and coordinated execution of commissioning of modifications which would result in saving of $25 million over next 6 years

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