hoopoloop in news:

Hoopoloop combines material and mechanical engineering know-how to provide an elegant solution for space conscious high-rise dwellers everywhere. High-rise condo dwellers have to make the most out of their small space. Sometimes, these high-rise dwellers have a structural column in their units, and they struggle to best utilize the space around these columns or integrate the columns into their interior design.

I co-founded hoopoloop, a startup company focusing on smart storage solutions for small spaces. It was launched through Hatchery, an incubator program at University of Toronto where it was selected among the top 13 out of 118 companies which participated to present before investors on Hatchery’s Annual Demo Day for $42,500 in seed funding. Launching this company provided me with an opportunity to utilize my technical knowledge in a creative manner while learning the importance of being cost effective. It helped me understand the consumer’s need and translate it into a product effectively. I was actively involved in design of the product and reaching out to manufacturers and advisers to establish a manufacturing strategy for the product. This experience improved my communications skills whether be it with potential investors, my team members or external agencies.

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